NEAR Community OS

Welcome & FAQ

This page introduces a Community Operating System - a tool kit for the NEAR Community.
Learn more about the progress of building this Community tool kit on the NEAR Governance Forum.

Getting Started

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What is Community OS?

TLDR: Community OS is the NEAR toolkit to prime organisations for success in the Web3 world. The Community OS is an integrated package that brings NEAR powered tools and principles/practices together to ease the experimentation and adoption of Open Web Applications with purpose and around common goals.
What is Community OS?
The Community OS is a blockchain-native Operating System, integrating the values of our ecosystem__Open Source, Connectedness, Sense of Belonging, Autonomy, and Purpose__in a way that facilitates the adoption of Web3 apps with relevant and real use case application in the context of Communities. The OS can be modified and distributed by anyone around the world and it is meant to provide value to any type of Community. It can evolve to be many different versions, and represents a category of the “under construction” set of Community - Ecosystem Resources NEAR is developing.
How does Community OS fit with the other information repositories and resources being assembled throughout the NEAR Ecosystem? See how here.


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