Social Token Community

Creating a token

How many tokens should I mint?

10,000,000 is standard. Unless you have a specific reason to make more or less it's a safe way to start. That's 10 million or seven zeros 😉

Discord Management

How do I token gate my discord server?

1) Create a Discord server (can use the following guide):

2) Add the Collab.Land bot to your server via this link:

3) Create your hierarchy of Roles! Place Collab.Land above any roles the bot is assigning.

4) Add private channels and give select roles access (always give Collab.Land access).

Users of certain token holdings will be granted roles with this specific access through the token permissioned roles configuration.

Do I need a community manager?

Yes, at a minimum you'll need a moderator or three.

Daily/weekly/monthly activities?