Open Web Contributors

This page will hopefully connect you with various ways to earn by sharing value in our community. Start by learning about NEAR or jump into a guild and work on projects.

Getting Started

There are so many different ways for anyone to participate. Your success is our success! Community leaders and project coordinators are here to help you learn, build, and earn.

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Documentation, Blog Posts, Videos, etc.

Educational Programs

Create / Build

Art, Music, Design, etc.

Development: Apps, Tooling, etc.


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Assign yourself various roles based on your skills and interests. For example, if you are interested in earning rewards for doing valuable work in our community, please opt in for the individual contributor program by reacting with a heart to this message in the #roles channel.

You might also want to signal your interests or any relevant skills ~ including, but not limited to visual art, design, music, user experience, and project coordination.

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